Watch: How Brands Became Modern Myths

by . October 16th, 2015

“Myths are about relatability, even if they are also fantastical.” Starting to sound familiar yet?

You probably won’t want to get most of your information from videos, but there are exceptions. The PBS Idea Channel on YouTube is probably one of the best resources online for helping spark deeper discussion of concepts that are in our faces 24/7.

While it might seem ridiculous at first, the arguments are extremely compelling. While the implications of this might be way too macro to be immediately useful for most people, some knowledge of how brands work in the society at large can help you think about how your enterprise — and your personal image — fit into the greater narratives.

The question of “how brands became modern myths” seems odd at first, but upon examination, nearly everything that we know about everything is not necessarily based on reality. As the leader of an enterprise, to understand what stories your brand tells, and why they are being told that way.

Do you agree with the idea of brands having the qualities of myths? Comment below!



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