Kredo: The Perfect iPad Portfolio App for Photographers

by . January 27th, 2015

Last updated on October 12th, 2022

Rejoice photographers who are searching high and low for the perfect iPad portfolio app. The famous portfolio website, Format has released Kredo for the iPad. The first thing people need to know about Kredo is that it is free. Apart from being free, Kredo is a nice way to share in real life. Kredo also allows photographers to network with other photographers and creative professionals online.


You might be asking yourself: what else makes this app different from all the other portfolio apps available? As it turns out, Kredo takes advantage of the iPad’s Retina display. This means that the images displayed will be shown in their full high-res quality. You can see your images in all their high-definition glory through a slideshow feature.

Another thing photographers should consider about Kredo is that managing portfolios can be done without an internet connection. One can also import photographs via Dropbox, iTunes, Photo Library, and Format. Sharing portfolios is also easy; anyone can share through email or social media using a specified link to the portfolio page. Users can also password-protect their portfolios if they don’t want to share them openly.

Kredo-New-iPad-App-for-Photographers-002 Kredo-New-iPad-App-for-Photographers-005

Besides sharing it in real life and online, Kredo gives power to photographers through Discover Network. This network allows photographers to put their work out for creative directors. The Kredo Discover Network also allows people to share their work with clients. On top of that, users can also use the app to find a specific talent just in case they want to collaborate.

As someone who is always looking for a great portfolio app that does not have a premium cost, I feel that Kredo is excellent. It lets people showcase their work in high definition and allows users to share, find, and be discovered through a wonderful network. I’m just hoping that Kredo will also become available on Android devices so that more photographers can get into the network.

What do you folks think about Kredo? Give us a show in the comments below! Are you using Kredo? Tell us we’d like to hear about your experience with the app!