Lume Cube: The Best Light Source for Mobile Photographers

by . November 22nd, 2014

Shooting with your Android Smartphone, iPhone or GoPro in low-light conditions can be a pain in the neck. This is especially if it compels you to use the built-in flash which is often times bad. Good thing that there are folks who see this as an opportunity and decided to create something terrific. Not to mention perfect for the needs of a mobile photographer but does not forget DSLRs and MFT users.


Enter the Lume Cube, a new and a more compact solution aimed for mobile photographers and photographers alike. The Lume Cube claims that it is able to reach 1500 lumen and can controlled just by using a mobile app. The mobile app allows you to control the brightness and the duration. It also allows users to change modes whether for flash or for video which gives you a lot of creative leg room. The Lume Cube does not only stop with the 1500 lumen and app control. What makes this nifty and portable LED light source take the cake is that you can control up to five Lume Cubes and get a whopping 7500 lumens.

The Lume Cube can also detect and trigger other flashes with an optical sensor making this a great addition if you are a strobist who on the go. The Lume Cube is set to a 5600 K and can run 2 hours at 50% power with only one hour of charging through a USB charger. You can mount the Lume Cube in most surfaces through the use of a powerful magnet and innovative suction cups. If you don’t want to mount it you can opt to use a JOBY(r) tripod.


If you think that the Lume Cube is only great for mobile photography better think again. One thing we love about the Lume Cube is that you can put it anywhere and control it with a smartphone. This is one light source many of us would be clamoring to have in our pockets. If you want to know more about the Lume Cube better check out their Kickstarter page or website for more details.