Photos for Life: Stock Photography with A Cause

by . December 17th, 2014

Doing stock photography has been one of the go-to means for photographers who need money to pay the bills or support their growing hobby. The road to riches in stock photography may not be a walk in the park as shared by Steve Collender in his article a few years back. Most stock images sell for just a few cents to a few dollars. But with the right tools and learning, one can earn as much as $10,000.

But of course not everyone likes the business of stock photography — some find the images all too generic, lacking of soul while others are just plain bad. Not only that, as some photographers pointed out, it fails to create a connection between the brand and the audience.

But whatever your thoughts about the stock photo business, you might want to check out Photos for Life. Unlike most stock photographs providers, Photos for Life is not just another stock photography site.



Founded by Rak’n’Roll and Your Life! foundation, the website dubs itself as the world’s first charity photo bank exclusively catering to cancer patients and survivors. This is so unlike most stock photo websites wherein you just look for that specific photo that fits your needs and you’re done.

Photos for Life features the specific individual’s story and urges the people to put a caption for each image supporting the model’s battle with cancer. Users can use the images both for online use or for print for $75. They can also give back by buying the photos for just $8. 100% of the proceeds will fund the therapy for cancer patients.


Knowing that the people in the photos aren’t just paid to pose makes Photos for Life more than just a stock image provider. It is great to see photography—especially stock photography—used to help people who are battling cancer as well as uplifting those who battled them. To know more about Photos for Life, head over to their website.