Soon Adobe Photoshop will run on Chrome

by . November 22nd, 2014

While there is are a ton of image editing tools now available online nothing still beats the actual Adobe Photoshop. Thing is, for you you to use Photoshop you have to buy it and install it first. But that was not the case when Adobe teased the crowd with Photoshop Streaming in Adobe Max a couple of months back. After 2 years in the making Adobe has told that the project with Google has come to fruition. The app is currently tested in educational institutions for over a course of six months.


Just recently Adobe gave a sneak peek of what Photoshop Streaming looks like. Surprisingly there’s nothing really new with it. Which is sort of good because Photoshop is already great. Knowing that nothing much has change gives us the idea that there won’t be any learning curve or missing features to worry about. But how does Streaming Photoshop works? Simple, it’s like opening Photoshop on a remote machine. Then it will be showing you the program as a video feed which is indistinguishable from a local install. After that it will then pull your files from Google Drive. To edit your images Photoshop Streaming uses JavaScript to send out your commands to the remote machine.

With that said, Photoshop Streaming is usable to most computers even if the said computer does not have a stellar hardware. This is because your computer does not do all the heavy work. Adobe said that they are confident that even with the $200 Chromebooks can handle the program without any problems. But for that to happen you must have enough bandwidth.

It’s interesting to see that Adobe is branching out to browser-based programming. But the question of the pricing part is still unanswered and whether if it will kill the competition. One thing is for sure though, Adobe and Google has done something amazing and we hope it will available soon. If you want to know more about Adobe Streaming be sure to go to Adobe Education Exchange for more info.