Pixelmator: The Best Alternative for Photoshop is now on iPad

by . October 24th, 2014

Most Mac users know that Pixelmator is one of the best alternatives to Photoshop but with the rise of mobile devices, such as tablets, there has been this ongoing quest to find which is the best Photoshop alternative for mobile devices.

Sneak Peek at Pixelmator for iPad from Pixelmator Team on Vimeo.

Just a few weeks ago in Apple’s iPad event, it was announced that Pixelmator would now be harnessing the power of the iPad. Pixelmator would still offer a ton of effects to choose from as with the one on Mac. But unlike the Mac counterpart, the Pixelmator for iPad offers a much more streamlined experience. The iPad Pixelmator would allow you to work in one mode at a time wherein you can add effects to an image, adjust the colors, use painting tools, and do some retouching. Apart from that, the interface is sleeker since it takes most of its inspiration from the Apple’s iWork suite.


Pixelmator for iPad Introduction from Pixelmator Team on Vimeo.

But is it an Adobe Photoshop killer? I’m afraid it’s not. But those familiar with Apple know that they put a lot of effort into product development; Pixelmator is an excellent alternative. Not only that, it’s actually cheaper (it only costs for $5). Its much simpler interface makes it a great go-to app for newbies and amateurs alike, unlike Photoshop Touch.

You can purchase the Pixelmator for iPad in the iTunes App Store for $5.

For iPad users: are you going to get this? What do you think? We’d like to hear your thoughts at the comments below!