The Shot List: Links About Everything Photography (February 23-29)

by . February 28th, 2015

Another week has went by and before we move on for the week ahead we are going to recap news and all things about photography this week.

Just this week the whole world bids farewell to a creative actor, photographer and beloved Vulcan, Leonard Nimoy who passed away this February 27, 2015 at the age of 83. We featured him along with other celebrities who are equally passionate to the craft of photography. To remember his passion for photography below is a Youtube Video wherein Nimoy was interviewed by fellow creative person Pharrell Williams for Reserve Channel:

Mashable did an amazing tribute to Nimoy’s amazing photography work that you can check out here. Lastly, before we move on we’ll leave you an animated GIF we saw on imgur bidding farewell to the beloved Vulcan of the USS Enterprise.

Below are the coolest links for everything and anything photography:

  • Take a look at wonderful photography series called: The Woman Who Fell Down the Well by Charity: Water (Maptia)
  • Water Creatures by Dusseldorf-based photographer Klaus Kampert (Inspirefirst)
  • Darkroom techniques behind the tools we all know and love in Photoshop (Fstoppers)
  • Here’s a new way to deliver images to your clients, introducing the Cloud Spot (SLRLounge)
  • Winners of the New York Times Picture of the Year (New York Times Lens Blog)
  • In Retrospect: Before Justin Bieber there was Paul Anka, who stopped the hearts of teenage girls (Time)
  • How to build an amazing killer ring light (DIYPhotography)
  • Here is an in-depth tutorial of the many uses of white seamless background by Zack Arias of DEDPXL (Part 1, Part 2)
  • We recently showcased Mark Seliger’s amazing Oscar’s photo booth but here is a great read about him (American Photo)

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