The Shot List: Links About Everything Photography (February 9-15)

by . February 15th, 2015

Its that time of the week again! This week we are featuring really emotionally charge photographs. Denmark’s Mads Nissen captures an intimate moment between two lovers in Russia, an emotional photo series follows the photographer’s parent’s fight against cancer, and the Hubble Space Telescope shows us what a “smile” in space looks like —and many more!

Jonathan Jacques Louis, 21, and Alexander Semyonov, 25.

Mads Nissen’s photo won the prestigious World Press Photo 2014 prize and features Russian gay couple Jon and Alex. and features Russian gay couple Jon and Alex. The photograph shows Jon and Alex locked in a romantic embrace. One lies down with his eyes closed as the other man looks at him in a loving and tender manner with their hands clasped to one another. According to the sources, Nissen’s winning photograph is a part of a larger project entitled: Homophobia in Russia. Jury chair Michele McNally whose a director of photography and assistant managing editor of The New York Times said: “It is an historic time for the image… the winning image needs to be aesthetic, to have impact, and to have the potential to become iconic. This photo is aesthetically powerful, and it has humanity.”

  • The first time that official portraits of Grammy winners’ released to the public (Petapixel)
  • David Geffin at FStoppers tells us to stop the ‘Fix it in post’ mentality and why is it bad for our photography (FStoppers)
  • Sigma announces availability for 150-600mm contemporary lens (SLR Lounge)
  • How a photographer processes her parent’s cancer by documenting it (Behold)
  • A gorgeous photo essay of the lives of French Muslims (New York Times)
  • A must-read interview with Ryan Brenizer (Flickr)


  • This is the camera that captured the moon expedition (Popular Photography)
  • This is what happens when you repost a photo to Instagram 90 times (Art Pete)
  • If you want to look at Las Vegas in a different way try 10,800 feet in the air at night (Mashable)
  • Here’s a photo essay about the lives of men and women living in prison (Feature Shoot)
  • Space smiles upon us; Hubble telescope captures space smiley (DIYPhotography)


  • Celebrate symmetry with this series of symmetrical photographs of theaters by Gilles Alonso (Fubiz)

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