The Shot List: Links About Everything Photography (March 2-8)

by . March 8th, 2015

Recap time! Welcome back to the Shot List where we revisit links and stories about anything and everything photography!

This week, Vince Vaughn and the cast of his latest film ‘Unfinished Business’ fixed or should we say hijacked some tacky stock photos  and made it available for editorial use. These tongue-in-cheek images are a part of a marketing stunt by Twentieth Century Fox in partnership with iStock by Getty to promote the film Unfinished Business. Using the already existing images, Vince Vaughn and his merry men took over some of the cheesiest and probably least downloaded stock images with the help of Photoshop. Check out the transformation GIFs below to see how the cast is added on:

The images are available for free download for editorial use only. You can find out more about it at Adweek and its official site here.

  • Firefighter Photographer Jake Niece Captures Beauty While Battling Destruction (Petapixel)
  • The ‘Photo Brigade’ Is One Of The Best Resources For Surviving As A Professional Photographer Today (Fstoppers)
  • Elinchrom Announces New ELB400 Portable Strobes (SLRLounge)
  • Kelsey Higley’s Manipulated Shows Us the Struggles with Beauty Standards (Kelsey Higley)
  • DJ Creates Anti-Paparazzi Clothing Ruins Flash Photos by Excessively Reflecting Light (Oddity Central)

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