The Shot List: Links About Everything Photography (March 9-14)

by . March 14th, 2015

There has been a lot of talk about Photographer Vanessa Hicks’s image, where the American flag as a prop. Hicks shared a Facebook photo of an 8-day-old baby named Landon nestled in the American flag held up by his father who is a member of the US Navy.

Hicks wanted to honor the flag and incorporate the family’s military background in the said portrait. While the Facebook post has gotten positive comments, there were those who did not approve of how was the flag used in the image. A particular Facebook page You Call Yourself a Photographer shared Hicks image with biting remark to Hicks and to Clevenger who is the father of the baby.

After the Facebook group shared their sentiments about the photo, people soon started harassing Hicks with angry messages which caught the attention of media outlets. Despite the collective anger against Hicks’s image there were those who believed in Hicks’s imagery and left her endearing messages defending the photographer and her vision.

Hicks posted a new update declaring that she is standing firm for her image and for her work. She mentioned in the update that deleting her post would give her “cyber-bullies” the satisfaction and she does not want to give. You Call Yourself a Photographer retorted that they are a business review page and they are stating the hard truth, citing U.S. Flag Code. They also mentioned another photographer who had a similar vision as Hicks but executed it in a much more professional and tasteful manner.

What do you folks think? Was Hicks’s  use of the American Flag in her image offensive? Is the Facebook page You Call Yourself a Photographer right for calling out Hicks or are they just bullies? Let us know at the comments below!

As of the publishing, the page You Call Yourself a Photographer page has been taken down.

On a lighter note! Have you guys seen the gorgeous images taken with an iPhone 6? If not better check it out! Also did you know that there’s an algorithm that tells if your portrait is good or bad?

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