I’m Better Than Van Gogh. And St. Francis of Assisi. So Shut Up!

by . May 28th, 2014

This Clip from an Obscure 90’s Comedy Show Lampoons How We See Ourselves.

If you’re a freelancer or work in a not-so-lucrative field, you’ve doubtlessly heard relatives and acquaintances make the same facile argument so brilliantly shot down in this clip from the highly influential sketch comedy series Mr. Show:

For you Spongebob fans out there, guy in the hawaiian shirt at the beginning is Tom Kenny, the voice behind the iconic sponge. Anyhow, it’s ridiculous to presume you’re better or worse than Vincent Van Gogh or Donald Trump solely because you earn more or less than they did. It baffles the mind that there are plenty of people who would assert otherwise.

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Money isn’t the only thing that matters. While money is essential for survival and most of the creature comforts we enjoy, the singular pursuit of wealth in this modern has ruined lives and has led to a warped sense of what people are worth to each other.

We all have different passions . It’s just that money has a much more immediate and readily noticeable effect on our world than less-readily quantified things such as art and education. It follows that people who are completely mercenary in outlook would be more likely to figure out ways to acquire money than those who don’t value it as much. Doesn’t make them more or less better than anyone.

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