A Tale of a Potato Salad Kickstarter: Epilogue

by . August 6th, 2014

It’s been a rough journey, but the this chapter of Zack Danger Brown’s life has ended as the potato salad Kickstarter ended last Saturday.

Let’s recap on what happened.

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post upon my discovery of this phenomenon. Someone was crowd funding his potato salad and was actually succeeding. He became an internet hit. He was featured on big name news sites and had gathered tens of thousands within days.

So what has happened since then? Calling the campaign rocky would be an understatement. Multiple people would donate huge amounts probably to look hipster and pretentious to their friends, and backed off during the next morning due to their wives getting angry or regaining logic through sobriety. I failed to take screenshots (As I didn’t anticipate the backoffs), but I have seen changes as drastic as $70k to $63k in hours, to $55k which it is now.

Sadly, no, Zack didn’t add any more stretch goals, even though some of us would have liked to see potato salad topiary (a potatopiary). C’mon. Don’t deny it. At least we have the open house party. We’ve got that going for us. Hopefully it includes U2 singing about potatoes. A man can dream.

On July 6th, Zack posted this thank you video, where he reveals what his secret ceiling goal for the campaign was.

This campaign has also inspired many others including one by a 15-year old Tanzanian boy who wishes to become the first Tanzanian astronaut through crowdfunded education and “Tanzanian astronaut potato salad” prizes. Check it out. His attitude is just a bundle of rainbows. And hes not that far from his goals either. He’s got a scholarship to Florida Air Academy!

photo credit: Zack Danger Brown (video still)