Rhinos Are a Rising Sensation. This Infographic Tells You Why.

by . June 6th, 2014

Taboo Trades 2: Poaching

When you think of animals, you think of them as numerous and always there. From the raccoon that dug through your trash last night, to the cat that kept you up, to the roach that preyed on your pizza. They are everywhere and we sometimes take them for granted.

But what if they all suddenly disappeared? No birds chirping in the morning. No dogs being walked in the mornings. No fish in the aquariums, leaving nothing but a huge tank of lifeless water.

Sadly, this is the way it’s going for some animals out there, and they’re not obscure species at all. In school, we learn about the majesty of tigers, rhinos, and elephants, but we are never told to grasp the horrors that they face. The truth is they are disappearing at an exponential rate, and all because of money and vanity.

The infographic below tells you about the business of poaching and its effects on the population of these animals.

As much as I or anyone else can tell you to stand up for animal rights, it is a very complex subject with social, political, financial, and even religious background. It will take a long and arduous process to stop this trend, but it is possible.

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photo credits: axelhartmann via photopin cc