10 Fresh Web Design Studios

by . July 17th, 2008

Everyone knows the power of having a website for a business, but a website is only as good as the design. If you have a poorly designed website that hasn’t been updated in 10 years, you could be losing money every day!

Having your old website updated with a professional and fresh new design can work wonders for your business or organization!

3 Important Things to Remember With a Redesign

1. Be sure to back up the old site files and all text on the site in case you need to retrieve information or revert back to your old design.

2. If your website is already ranking and getting traffic, be sure to keep your page URLs intact, but if the URL structure must change be sure to redirect the old URLs to the new URLs.

3. Try to keep branding consistent; use similar colors and a similar identity system so the change isn’t too shocking, unless you are trying to totally re-brand.

Fresh Web Design Studios

1. Red Crown Studio
Red Crown Studio specializes in web design, web development, web hosting, email marketing, identity design and information design.

2. etonDigital
etonDigital is all about web development and provides many specialized services such as E-commerce integration, search engine optimization, social network development and AJAX Development.

3. Level 9 Design
Level 9 Design offers website design solutions and web-mastering so they can build and maintain your website for you.

4. Shylands
Shylands is another fresh web design studio that not only offers site design, but also print, identity, illustration, multimedia and photography services!

5. Church Plant Media
ChurchPlantMedia was started in 1998 and offers design services for churches, companies and non-profit organizations. They even offer a custom, full featured Content Management System designed especially for churches with all their packages.

6. Dean Oakley
Dean Oakley is a web designer from Australia who creates unique, clean and simple sites that are easy to navigate and coded to perfection.

7. Designchuchi
Designchuchi is an interactive web development studio based in Switzerland and Germany that provides beautiful and precisely coded website designs.

8. Goodbytes
Goodbytes is a talented design studio that produces some really beautiful and well coded website designs that are clean and easy to search through.

9. Kavoon
Kavoon is a do-it-all design studio that handles web design, logo design, flash presentations, 3D modeling and animation, print design and more!

10. Imagex Media
Imagex Media is a superb design studio that can handle anything your website needs, including search engine friendly design, custom web applications, online stores, logo designs, custom newsletter systems and so on.

Do you know a great web design studio? We’d love to check them out in the comments!


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