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by . February 12th, 2013

If you are a web developer then you might be aware of Cascading Style Sheets or CSS. However, for beginners, I won’t be describing it in detail here, but yes, in short, CSS or Cascading Style Sheets is basically something that can be used to beautify elements of a website. It empowers you to define specific properties for HTML tags in one go. For example;

If you use Div tags in your HTML, you need to define their properties every time you have a new tag <div style=”width: 100px; height: 100px”></div>. However, with the use of CSS you can set a particular standard for all your div tags in one go, like; div {width: 100px; height: 100px; } , this would make all your HTML divs 100px wide and 100px long. In addition, beginners can learn more about CSS on W3Schools.




Writing a Cross-Browser Compatible CSS can be tough, unless you have complete expertise in Cascading Style Sheets. But Prefixr makes it really easy for you to have a Cross-Browser CSS within seconds. What you need is to select the formatting and here you go with a live and workable CSS code.




In today’s time almost all web browsers support CSS3. However, there are people who still use old versions of Internet Explorer, and we all know IE (Internet Explorer) makes a web developer’s life miserable, as its older versions hardly support any of the CSS3 Properties. This is where CSS3 PIE is useful, so must use it to know its capabilities.



Clean CSS

To make a website perfect, a Clean CSS file is pretty much required, as it makes editing very easy and reduces the time taken in editing. There is nothing better than Clean CSS to make your CSS files flawless. Also, it formats and optimizes your CSS completely.


CSS3 Generator

If you really don’t want to waste your time writing CSS3 Styles and Properties on your own, then this is the right tool for you. CSS3 Generator is capable of producing codes for most of the CSS3 Styles and Properties within seconds.




CSS Menu Maker

CSS based menus are always good for websites, as they can efficiently decrease the page loading time. But making a CSS Menu could prove to be a time consuming task, so why not use a dynamic tool, which can do that for you quickly. CSS Menu Maker is a perfect tool to make CSS based menus, where you just need to decide what type of menu you need, like; Dropdown, Vertical, Horizontal or Flyout.



Quick Form Builder

Forms are an integral part of websites, as they are the main source of collecting information for the website visitors. But creating a form with valid fields is not as easy as it may sound to many people. But with Quick Form Builder you can produce valid forms that are fully accessible.



IE6 CSS Fixer

We all are living in the year 2013, and technology is advancing day by day, but still there are people who don’t go for the latest techniques by sticking to their old ways. Similarly, there are people who still use Internet Explorer version 6.0, which makes it really difficult for web developers to make websites compatible with it. However, with IE6 Fixer you can live without a worry, as it fixes your CSS accordingly, and makes your website run just like it should on any other web browser.



CSS3 3D Transforms

With CSS3 you can introduce many exciting features in your website like 3D transformation. However, in order to do that, you must have all the required knowledge about CSS3, but if you don’t have it right now, then don’t worry, as you can leave this task on CSS3 3D Transforms. It can create CSS3 based Gradients, Box Properties, 3D Transformation, etc.



CSS Compressor

If your website takes a lot of time to load the web pages than your competitors’ websites, then you may lose your visitors to them. And to avoid that, you can compress your CSS file, which will not only increase your web page loading speed, but will also save the bandwidth it consumes.




Css3Gen is like a one stop shop for CSS3 Styles and properties. With this awesome tool, you can generate CSS based Buttons for your website, make border radius, use shadow effect on any of the available box elements or on text as well, and can also produce Gradients.

If you think we missed out on your favorite CSS tool, just drop us a message below, and we’ll try to add that in our future blog post on CSS tools.



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