10 Useful Resources where you can get best Mobile UI Design Patterns

by . January 9th, 2013

In current technical world where lots of people are using their mobile phones to access the Internet, development of new web solutions that can run efficiently on various mobile devices has become extremely essential. Due to the existence of various popular mobile devices, web designers are performing dynamic developments and changes on regular basis. By using specific user interface design patterns, they are developing great websites that perform well and run smoothly on mobile devices.

While creating mobile design patterns, it is very important to remember that the design is for mobile devices not for the web. As the mobile screens are much smaller than regular computer screens, there is no existence of mouse and keyboard, therefore the font selection should be perfect, fit on small screens, and the information should be load faster. Apart from this, there are many other things to keep in mind at the time of creating design pattern for mobiles. Most important thing is that you cannot use the same concepts for different mobile platforms because of the different screen sizes, mobile browsers and operating systems. In short, we can say that designing for mobile interfaces is not very easy.

Due to these reasons, resources for mobile user interface design patterns come into the picture. A design pattern is nothing but a reusable and appropriate solution to common real-world problems. These days, lots of excellent mobile user interface resources are available. These resources are quite helpful for design and development of your websites. Whether you are going to design a new mobile application or looking for specific design solutions, these mobile UI design pattern resources will definitely help you. This website offers a huge collection of great design patterns. UI designers can get inspired by visiting this site. Here, you can find some common mobile UI design patterns like activity feeds and notifications. In this website, design patterns are well-organized into 20 categories so that you can easily obtain what exactly you’re looking for. The site lets the users to keep their own sets so that you can see other UI design pattern collections.




Konigi: This website highlights perfect interaction design and visual design that can be used in the real-world. It offers many different ways to utilize, navigate, and find your preferred content on the website. It also provides a Tags page with popular keywords within the showcase. It can be divided into three categories: keyword, product, and company.


Inspired UI: This excellent website offers a wide gallery of mobile UI design patterns. Here, you can see more than 1,000 screenshots of real mobile applications. Moreover, you can get great design patterns which comprise check-in user interfaces and sign up pages.



QUINCE: X Patterns Explorer: This stunning web application helps you to explore an endless array of user experience design patterns like date pickers and two-panel selectors. However, this application requires the Silverlight plugin and performs its best under Internet Explorer but it has been tested that it also works well in Firefox and Safari



Lovely UI: The Lovely UI website offers popular mobile applications and user interface elements such as buttons, lists, popovers and others. NYC based interactive web designer Diana Frurip has created this brilliant website. This website presents an interaction design pattern library maintained by Martijn van Welie. He is a Ph. D. graduate in Human Computer Interaction and now works for Philips Design as an Interaction Design Senior Consultant. The library features a wide array of design patterns with a variety of site tasks like searching a site, navigating around a site, and basic interactions like slideshows. Each pattern follows a specific format given below:

    • The problem
    • The solution
    • When to use the pattern
    • Why you should use the design pattern
    • Examples of the pattern in use.



Mobile Design Pattern Gallery: The Mobile Design Pattern Gallery is inspired by UX designer Theresa Neil’s mobile design pattern book published by O’Reilly Media. It offers many exceptional tips in anti-patterns section that features what to avoid when using UI design techniques. In addition to that, it provides great examples that are quite helpful to develop an effective design patterns. You can view these design patterns on Flickr.



Pattern Tap: This exceptional website was developed and maintained by Matthew Smith and Chris Pollock. It is a gallery that supports popular web-based User Interface elements and design patterns like slideshows and breadcrumbs. This website has more than 7,000 user sets, and lets the users to create their own sets. There is ample amount of inspiration to be gained at Pattern Tap.


Design|snips: This design gallery majorly focuses on popular web page elements like navigation. Moreover, it highlights popular design trends like Grid layouts. This website has more than 30 categories so that you will not face any problem to find the design pattern that you are looking for. Users can rate each design available in the gallery so that you can see the overall consensus considering the effectiveness and appeal of a design pattern.



The UI Pattern FactoryIt is a UI design library and gallery. The best thing about The UI Pattern Factory is that you are allowed to share videos in each entry in order to improve the description of design problems and solutions. Entries can be further improved by user-submitted examples of the pattern, which they record in their Flickr group that is




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