15 Movie Inspired Free Fonts for Designers

by . August 22nd, 2012

One major aspect that makes a movie extremely remarkable is through the amazing title sequences, poster designs and promotions using a unique font style. The type of font used serves as a major trademark and a strong branding for many successful films in the history of making movies.

And as we speak about remarkable movie titles, we bring you a collection of free movie inspired fonts for personal use of all the creatives out there. And to get you guys more inspired in using them, we have incorporated some promotional posters accompanying each movie.


1. Transformers Movie Font 


(Download Source)

Based from the blockbuster 2011 movie directed by Michael Bay. Here’s the official poster of the first film from the Transformers trilogy:

2. Harry Potter Font 


(Download Source)

Based from the very successful series of fantasy movies about the boy wizard from the novels of J.K. Rowling. Here’s the official poster for the 4th movie installment, “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”:

3. Resident Evil Font


(Download Source)

Inspired from the action-packed movie Resident Evil which is based from a popular video game. Here’s the official poster of Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D:

 4. Star Wars Font


(Download Source)

Based from the award-winning space fantasy/action movie classic. Below is the promo poster from the 2005 Star Wars film:

5. Alice in Wonderland Font


(Download Source)

Based from Tim Burton’s 2010 movie inspired by Lewis Carroll’s 1865 fantasy novel Alice’s Adventures in WonderlandHere is one of the official posters:

6.  Pirates of the Caribbean Font


(Download Source)

 Inspired by the fantasy and adventure movie from Disney. The poster below features the main character of the story, Captain Jack Sparrow played by Johnny Depp:

 7.  Jurassic Park Font


(Download Source)

Based from the popular trilogy brought to life by popular directors like Steven Spielberg and Joe Johnston. The poster below is created as a teaser poster for Jurassic Park 4:

8. Twilight Font


(Download Source)

Based from the popular fantasy/romance movie adaptation from the novels of Stephenie Meyer. Below is a poster of the first movie:

9. Blade Font


(Download Source)

Inspired by the action movie about a half mortal, half vampire slayer of evil vampires. Below is the official poster for Blade 2:

10. 28 Days Later Font


Inspired by the movie about an infectious virus spread throughout United Kingdom. The poster below maximizes the use of red color to emphasize the horror theme of the movie.

11. Green Lantern Font


(Download Source)

Based from the 2011 movie adaptation of the popular DC Comics Character. Of course, green color is all over the film’s poster design.

12. Heroes Assemble Font 


(Download Source)

Inspired by the 2012 blockbuster film from Marvel Studios. The “A” sign is the most significant among the letters of the font as seen in “Avengers Assemble” poster below:

 13. Ice Age Font


(Download Source)

Based from the 2012 3D movie by Blue Sky Studios. This funny adventure movie always makes sure to incorporate all the fun in their poster designs. Below is a poster from the latest movie installment:

14. American Captain Font


(Download Source)

Inspired by another Marvel movie starring Chris Evans as the new Captain America. Below is the official poster of the film:

15. Shrek Font


(Download Source)

Based from another fantasy adventure 3D animated film from DreamWorks Animation. Below is the poster of the first Shrek film:

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