25 Must Read Interviews From 2008

by . October 27th, 2008

Interviews are an amazing way to gain insight into the design community and quickly tap into the experience of others to better prepare yourself for challenges ahead, plus they’re just dang interesting! Design blogs often publish interviews with well known and respected people in the design community and this year has been no exception. Below is a collection of 25 great interviews of 2008, that you should not miss!

Design by Alberto Seveso

25 Must Read Interviews From 2008

1. Interview With James White

James White is a graphic designer working in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. By day he does corporate design and by night he works on various personal art projects.

2. Interview With Jeff Fisher

Jeff Fisher is an author, branding expert, identity designer, blogger and much more!

3. Interview With Kate McInnes

Kate McInnes is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer who is currently working for Nitro PDF software in Melbourne, Australia.

4. Interview With Alberto Seveso

Alberto Seveso is a talented self-taught freelance illustrator and designer living in Rome.

5. Interview With Alex Dukal

Alex Dukai is an amazing illustrator, originally from Puerto Madryn, Patagonia Argentina who now mostly works on illustrations for children’s books.

6. Interview With Jeff Kulak

Jeff Kulak is another graphic designer and illustrator with a unique freehand-looking style currently living in Montreal, Canada.

7. Interview With Adelle Charles From Fuel Your Creativity

Adelle Charles is an art director for the CBS and Fox affiliates in Rochester, New York and has been working in the broadcast field for over 5 years now.

8. Interview With Collis Ta’eed

Collis Ta’eed is an extremely well known graphic and web designer, who is one of the co founder of Eden Creative Communities, known for its popular websites such as FreelanceSwitch and PSDTuts.

9. Interview With Adrian Diaconescu of Rubiqube

Adrian Diaconescu is a freelance web designer based in Bucharest, Romania who has a variety of skills including flash animation, web programming and print design.

10. Interview With David Airey

David Airey is a well-known freelance graphic designer and blogger who currently resides in Edinburgh, Scotland.

11. Interview with Chris Spooner

Chris Spooner is a popular illustrator who runs the large illustration blog which features free downloads, tutorials and much more.

12. Interview With Caroline Murphy

Caroline Murphy is a great designer and self proclaimed geek-girl from Newcastle, which is in the North East of England.

13. Interview With Lauren Marie

Lauren Marie is a designer and blogger who runs the beautifully designer graphic design blog called

14. Interview With Jacob Cass

Jacob Cass runs the great design blog and is also a freelance graphic and web designer.

15. Interview With Cristiano Siqueira

Cristiano Siqueira is a digital artist and illustrator from Brazil who combines both 3-D and Photoshop to create amazing works of art.

16. Interview With Tessar Lo

Tessar Lo is a wicked artist and illustrator whose works combine Asian elements with themes such as nature.

17. Interview With Rik Oostenbroek

Rik Oostenbroek also known as Nkeo is  graphic designer who abstract designs were once featured on Computer Arts Magazine.

18. Interview With David Fuhrer, AKA Microbot

David Fuhrer, AKA Microbot is a digital artist and digital painter who creates amazing concept art and scenery that is often futuristic and semi abstract.

19. Interview With Peter Jaworowski

Peter Jaworowski is a super designer who has created amazing artwork for many large companies and is a true Photoshop guru.

20. Interview With Greg Martin

Greg Martin is a master photographer and digital artist who combines both talents to create truly inspiring digital photography masterpieces.

21. Interview With Daniel LuVisi

Daniel LuVisi is an illustrator and digital artist from California who work is so dazzling its hard to compare it to anything else.

22. Interview With Enjin

Enjin, whose real name is Peter Maciocha is a graphic design and artist from Poland who produces some inspiring work including great photo-manipulations that often use people as the focal point.

23. Interview With Chuck Anderson
Chuck Anderson is a design mastermind who runs the site His work is often featured on design blogs and in interview for good reason, its bad-ass!

24. Interview With Nik Ainley

Nik Ainely is a design guru who has been the inspiration for countless designers. His works become graphic design trends that inspire thousands of creations.

25. Interview With Chris Leavens

Chris Leavens is a top-notch illustrator who creates incredible vector artwork thats is colorful and very detailed.


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