4 Great Printable Political Masks for Halloween

by . October 31st, 2008

In celebration of Halloween we have created 4 political masks just in time for Friday night fun! These fun political mask designs can be easily printed and cut out so you can support or make fun of your favorite political star! So whatever your motives we hope you enjoy these fun masks brought to you by You the Designer and an online printing company specializing in postcards, business cards and much more! Happy Halloween! Feel free to send us pics of you wearing the political masks, by linking to the photo in the comments!

Printable Halloween Political Masks

Simply click the download links or the actual images to download a PDF version of the masks. Then print it out, cut it out by following the dotted lines, use a piece of string to tie it around your head and you are set!

1. Barack Obama

[Download not found]

2. Joe Biden

[Download not found]

3. John McCain

[Download not found]

4. Sarah Palin

[Download not found]


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