40 Handwriting Free Fonts Every Designer Must Have

by . September 6th, 2012

Picking up the right typography is one of the most critical aspects in making a successful design.

Most designers today are taking the risk of going out of the box in terms of choosing the right font style in their projects. Customization and having a unique look that stands out among other designs is one effective concept we always see on prints, websites, motion pictures, advertising and other fields of the graphic design industry.

One way in achieving this customization concept is for a designer to look for a unique typography. Handwriting transformed into incredible font styles are often used.

We collected a few of the ones we thought extra-useful! Download them for free and bookmark this page for future reference. Enjoy!


Jennifer’s Hand Writing Font (Download Source)


Curly Joe (Download Source)


Daniel (Download Source)


Kim’s Hand (Download Source)


Gong! Font (Download Source)


Jenna Sue (Download Source)


Journal (Download Source)


Throw My Hands Up In The Air (Download Source)


TrashHand (Download Source)


Christopher Hand (Download Source)


Soft Sugar (Download Source)


Halo Handletter (Download Source)


Rabiohead Font (Download Source)


Where Stars Shine The Brightest (Download Source)


Permanent Marker (Download Source)


Mixtape Mike (Download Source)


Worstveld Sling (Download Source)


Architect’s Daughter (Download Source)


Rock Salt (Download Source)


Mari & David (Download Source)


Note This (Download Source)


Rodi De Asis (Download Source)


PaulMaul (Download Source)


The Great Escape (Download Source)


Short Stack (Download Source)


Just Realize (Download Source)


Harrison Font (Download Source)


Richard Murray (Download Source)


Redressed (Download Source)


Mawns Handwriting (Download Source)


KG Empire Of Dirt (Download Source)


Good Dog (Download Source)


Idolwild Font (Download Source)


Simply Delicious (Download Source)


Designer Notes (Download Source)


DJB Brewhaus Special (Download Source)


HarabaraHand (Download Source)


Whisperings (Download Source)


Nymph’s Handwriting (Download Source)


Flux Architect (Download Source)


Share us your thoughts about using these font collection by commenting below. Stay awesome everyone!