40 New and Trendy Free Social Media Bookmark Icon Sets

by . February 25th, 2010

Social Media Bookmark Icons serve as significant design touches in websites and blogs. They help visitors bookmark their favorite posts and articles in any social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon and others, ensuring that they can get back to your site directly for future reference. Using these resources, bloggers are given the chance to promote their posts. Furthermore, they add beauty, artistry and uniqueness in websites-which is, of course, expected in web 2.0.

Various social media icons have emerged in the web for promotional purposes. To cater to the ever-growing demand for such tools, unique websites that offer freebie icons have been searched and thus we have came up with 40 New and Trendy Free Social Bookmark Icon Sets for our readers. Take time to check out the list that we have came up with and download your favorites. Every icon is unique so be sure to browse through them one by one… Enjoy!

Bevel Dark Social Icons

Bevel Dark Social Icons
10 icons set against a black bevel background.  This look sleek and go nicely with tech sites.

Old Bottle Crowns Icon Set

Old Bottle Crowns Icon
Twenty icons are included in this set.  Some might be reminded of Fallout with these cool bottle cap icons.

Socialize Icons

Socialize Icons
The set includes 12 icons that look like decals.  These decals would be great for cartoony templates.

3D Social Media Icon Pack

3D Social Media Icon
These 3D icons will pop out and remind people to subscribe or share your blog.

Free Grass Textured Social Bookmarking Icon Set

Grass Textured Social
These grass textured Icons will give your website texture and a natural feel.

Social Sketches: Exclusive Free Hand-Sketched Icon Set

Hand-Sketched Icon
These ink heavy sketch icons will turn heads to your subscribe buttons.

Free Social Media Icons: Social Stamps

Social Stamps Icon
These stamp icons will have travelers subscribing and sharing your travel stories.

Beer Cap Social Icons

Beer Cap Social Icons
PNG botlecaps with a nice sheen to them.

Free and Exclusive Icons: Brown Social Icon Pack

Brown Social Icon
the muted orange mixed with browns go great against gray, or black backgrounds.

Social Networking Icons

Social Networking Icons
These silver gradient icons will give your tech site a nice accent.

10 Free iPhone Social Bookmarking Icons Set 2

iPhone Social Bookmarking Icons
These popular iphone style icons will have trendy consumer electronics sites looking great.

Handycons – A Free, Hand Drawn Social Media Icon Set

social media icon set
More hand drawn icons, but these are filled in.  This almost pastel look will make your site look more artsy.

Free Hand Drawn Doodle Icon Set for Bloggers

Doodle Icon Set
In this set, 14 icons are included.  These icons would be great for a personal blog.

Woven Fabric Social Media Icon Set

Fabric Social Media Icon Set
There are 26 icons included in this set.  These 26 patches add a creative touch to any site talking about handmade items.

Page Peel – A Free Social Media Iconset

Page Peel Icons
This set contains 16 icons.

Nurture Social Icon Set

Nurture Social Icon Set
These icons might remind your audience of golf or at least the outdoors.

Handycons 2 -Another Free Hand Drawn Icon Set

Handycons icon set
The set includes 20 pastel colored icons.

Orange Jelly Social Networking Icons

Orange Jelly Social Networking Icons
One hundred eight icons are included here.  The shiny orange is a popular design trend.

Vintage Stamp Social Media Icon Pack

Vintage Stamp Social Media Icon
Twenty-three icons are included here.  these vintage stamp icons will add character to your blog, great for design blogs and personal blogs.

24 Free Exclusive Vector Icons: ‘Handy’

Free Exclusive Vector Icons
Line drawn vector icons.  These could fit a variety of sites, but some thoughts are kids sites, and design sites.

Koidesign Social Icon Pack

koidesign social icon pack
In this set, 28 icons are included.  These icons might remind your audience of a calendar or a sticker.


Aquaticus Social icon
There are 30 icons included in this set.

Wild Twist Social Media Icon Pack

Wild Twist Social media Icon
These paw print icons will make any pet site look more authentic, or your outdoor site look more appealing.

Vector Social Media Icons

Vector Social Media Icons
Scalable icons with a basic design to fit most site concepts.

Free 3D Social Icons

free 3d social icons
These 3D icons have a nice lighting effect and show depth.

6 Free New Social Icons

Free New Social Icons
These 6 social bookmarking icons might look great with a tutorial blog.

Location: Free Social Media Icon Set

Free Social Media Icon Set
These ten bookmarking icons will look great on any commentary or opinion blog.

Social Icons Made of Wood

Social Icons Made of Wood
These wooden icons give our blog a classic or vintage feel.

WebDev Social Bookmark

WebDev Social Bookmark
These simple circle bookmark icons will look nice on a tech or an auto site.  The Delicious one almost looks like the BMW logo.

Web 2.0rigami

Web 2 0rigami icon
These neat origami icons would look great on craft blogs.

108 Red & White Pearl Social Media Icons

White Pearl Social Media Icons
One hundred eight simple red against white social media icons are included in this package.

65 Bookmarks And Social Icons

Bookmarks And Social Icons
These icons have a metallic quality to them with a gradient that splits the image in half.

Social Media Icons Pack in 3 Sizes for Download

Social Media Icons Pack Download
This set contains 17 simple icons.

FreeHand_ColorStroked Icon Pac

Color Stroked icon
Twenty-two icons are included in this set.  Great for any artist or design blog.

Web Social Icons

Web social icons
The set includes 39 icons that look a lot like coasters.

Set of Social Icons No.2

Set of social icons
These simple bookmarking icons are slanted, a simple presentation that can be a nice addition to your blog.

108 Glossy Black Comment Bubble Social Networking Icon

Comment Bubble Social Networking Icons
These black glossy icons are good against a lighter background.  you don’t want your background to clash with the subtle sheen on these icons.

Social Media Stars Icon Set

Social Media Stars Icon Set
In this set, 26 icons are included.  The star shape is something simple, but if you are a mommy blogger, or perhaps maintain a blog for your sports team or gym, these might be a nice addition that could help remind people to subscribe.

The Leaves Fall: A Social Icon Set For Bloggers

leaves fall icon
These 11 leaf icons might be the right touch for your nature blog.

Social Icon Stickers

Social Icon stickers
More sticker themed icons.  The above picture is a great example of how these icons can look like an authentic part of your site.

Social Network Icon Set

Oil Paint Icons
These abstract icons are modeled after the arts style of Van Gogh.  You can see echoes of Starry night in the Flickr button.