7 Movie Color Correction Photoshop Actions

by . October 1st, 2012

Color correction is a popular process of filtering light in photography, film, television and other disciplines. The primary goal of this technique is to filter and alter the overall color of the light to achieve the mood or look a scene or a photograph needs. Good thing technology today can provide us with an easy way of attaining color corrections through high-end cameras and equipment.

In photography, it is sometimes a need to do some tweaks in the lighting by means of color correction to achieve a nice look and feel depending on the purpose of the photo. Fortunately, Photoshop was born and filtering light and correcting color in your photos can be achieved in just a click. Having said this, I bring you another set of Photoshop actions featuring the color and light effects of some of my most favorite movies. Your concept of adding that movie style effect on your photos can now be realized through the use of this set of actions! Enjoy and share!


Movie Color Correction Photoshop Actions by YouTheDesigner


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