A Professional Way of Sending Large Files

by . April 8th, 2008

As designers, we handle computer files all day long, and some of these files can be extremely large in size, especially when working on high-resolution projects such as posters. Once you are done designing, the files usually go to either the client or the printer. Often the files are too large for email, and uploading via FTP isn’t a great solution because you are using up your bandwidth and disk space. Then you still need to send an email with a download link.

I have been using YouSendIt for several years (almost since their launch) for sending large files. It’s simply fast, reliable, and secure, and my favorite part is its file delivery tracking.

YouSendIt takes it to the next level by providing designers with applications and plug-ins that directly address some of the creative industry’s issues, ensuring a more seamless workflow.

YouSendIt Plug-ins and Applications

  • Photoshop plug-in (available for PC and Mac) – Allows designers to quickly and easily send files directly from Photoshop.
  • Aperture Export plug-in – lets you send files directly from Aperture
  • CorelDRAW plug-in – The plug-in icon on the CorelDRAW X3 toolbar links directly to CorelDRAW Courier, enabling users to send files via the Internet securely
  • YouSendIt Express (available for PC and Mac) – Allows designers to quickly and easily send files and folders with rich sending options directly from their desktop without having to open an e-mail client or Web browser

These plug-ins can be downloaded here. To start using all of YouSendIt’s applications and plug-ins, simply sign up for their 14 day free trial. If you don’t already use this resource you can give it a good ol’ test drive first.


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