A Showcase of Poster Tutorials in Photoshop

by . July 1st, 2010

Posters are made to delight the eyes, deliver the goods, and open your mind. Campaigns and ideological wars, from commercial to political, are waged on their canvas, and the most inspiring of their kind are carefully stored away for posterity. How much power you would have in your hands if you knew how to create great poster designs!

Whether you’re an expert in this craft looking for new techniques or an eager beginner with quite some ways to go, we hope this Photoshop tutorial collection for custom posters help hone your poster making skills to the fullest. Learn, be inspired, and remember; with great power comes great mone- I mean, responsibility!


Create a Retro Metal Text Poster in Photoshop

metal text poster

How to Create a Retro Style Poster in Photoshop

retro style poster

Make a Turn of the Century Vaudeville Poster

century vaudeville

Create a Constructivist Inspired Poster

constructivist inspired

PS Quickie your Own Crazy Movie Poster

crazy movie

Create a Great Retro Style Movie Poster

retro style movie

Trendy Geometric Lines Design Tutorial

trendy geometric lines

Tutorial Photoshop Crear Poster Apocaliptico de Una Pelicula

crear poster

Creating a Retro grunge Poster

retro grunge

Creating a Grunge Rock Poster

grunge rock

Create a Mock Retro Poster Concept

mock retro

Design a Bold and Sleek War Themed Poster

bold and sleek war

How to Create Abstract Hyperspace Poster in Photoshop

abstract hyperspace

Create and then Shatter a Grid while Making a Typographic Poster


How to Create a Retro Boxing Poster in Photoshop

retro boxing

Soul Rebel Poster Tutorial

soul rebel

Colorful Spirograph Poster

colorful spirograph

Make an Inspiring Artistic Poster with Drawn Elements

inspiring artistic poster

Design a High Impact Gig Poster Suitable for Screen Printing

high impact gig

Create Sci-fi Poster Art

sci-fi poster art

Create Abstract Poster Effects

abstract poster

Create a Trendy Galactic Poster Design in Photoshop

trendy galactic

Lord Of the Rings Poster

lord Of-the-rings

create an Abstract Light Streaks Poster in Photoshop CS5

abstract light streaks

Awesome Snowboard Poster

awesome snowboard

How to Create an Ice Cold Poster with 3D Text

ice cold poster

Gig Poster Design the New Sex

gigposter design

Abstract Sports Poster Tutorial

abstract sports

Awesome Colorful Posters Tutorial

awesome colorful

Creating an Old Collage Effect Poster

old collage effect

Create an iPhone Advertising Poster

iphone advertising

Creating a Shoe Advertisement Poster Using Floral Elements


Designing a Portable Gaming Device Poster


Its Time to Create a Neo Constructivist Poster with Photoshop


Quick Grungy Poster


No Pattern Jumper Effect

no pattern jumper

Beverage Ad Enhancer


Create Furious Pink Panther Poster


Create an Explosive Cover with Precise Photo Manipulation Techniques

explosive cover

How to Design a Rockin 80’s Party Poster

rockin 80s party