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by . January 15th, 2013

In web design, the use of typography and icons can deliver your message without you actually having to say much at all. Using the right fonts and icons in the correct places and at the right time can really enhance your website and I’d go as far to say that there are millions of different fonts and icons available online to help get those creative juices flowing. Of course, a fair few of these come at a premium, but not all of them. If you look hard enough you will find countless free resources that are ready to download and use instantly. Fortunately for you, I have scoured the internet to find the best collection of fonts and icons available, meaning you only have to read on to find what you’re looking for.

Let’s start with the best fonts:



Cubic Sans – TTF Format

Cubic Sans is based on the original Comic Sans and gives the effect of a 3D typeface by using a cube as a brush to creating block letters. It definitely isn’t one of the most readable fonts out there, but will sure provide a lot of fun for web designers who like to experiment.

Dude – OTF Format

Designed by Dan Gneiding, Dude is undoubtedly one of the coolest fonts I have come across. Described as “reverse cowboy contrast font that’s got true grit” this western font comes in 12 different styles, each of which is inspired by country music legends of years gone by. The font is completely free to download, but you can make a small donation if you wish.

400ml Type – OTF Format

This simple to use and playful font was created by Berlin-based student Marco Terre and comes in four different styles: regular, bold, regular italic, and bold italic. Based on the idea of combining graphic and graffiti glyphs, this font is perfect for web designers and illustrators alike.

Habana – TTF Format

Inspired by the salsa, cigars and sultriness of Havana, New York-based Bonnie Class has created a geometric sans-serif font that can really add a touch of Latin flavour to a website. The only really downside to this font is that it is only available in uppercase.

PLSTK – TTF Format

This is a really funky font created by two designers out of Madrid, Spain: Christian del Moral and Luis Armesilla. PLSTK resembles a children’s creative construction kit and has numerous possibilities. Best of all, the designers are happy for you to use and experiment with the font in any way you like, all they ask is an image of your work in return.


Now on to the icons:

Mobile Icon Set

If you’re into mobile app development, the Mobile Icon set is well worth of download. There are icons from notes to messages, and each one is distinct and available in three different sizes. These icons will work great for both personal and commercial use and are fully compatible with Android and iOS.


Webcons were designed by and are a collection of 15 commonly seen web icons. Available in PNG format and three sizes, each Webcon comes with a layered Photoshop PSD file. Use and edit them as you wish for personal or commercial enjoyment, but the makers do ask that you link back to the location if you wish to share.

Hand-Drawn Icons

This collection of Hand-Drawn Icons provides a whole bunch of icons that you could probably attempt to draw yourself, but not anywhere near as good. The icons come in one PSD file and can be rescaled to meet your requirements. In the file you will find everything from a paintbrush to a guitar, all simply illustrated, and all visually appealing.

Characters So Far

Created by B-positive, the collection of character icons is one of my favourites. The pack is free to download and contains a collection of some well-known characters – albeit faceless and with different names, for example, “Marvel Hero” is Batman, and my personal favourite, ‘Where is that Deputy?’ is Bob Marley. There are loads to choose from and they can really add to a project.

Credit Card Icons

Designing an ecommerce site? If so you need Credit Card Icons. This collection includes 457 (I didn’t know there was that many!) icons for payment and credit portals in 9 different sizes and all PSD pixel perfect. Created by, you will find everything from PayPal to Amazon. An essential package.

Summer Beach and Seaworld Set

The Summer Beach and Seaworld set by Vikasuperstar features a range of beach-friendly icons including designs such as jellyfish, shells, and even a funky pair of flip-flops – pretty much everything you’d need for a beach project.

There you have it – a collection of the best free fonts and icons on the web. Enjoy, and don’t forget to support the designers and developers.


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