Creepy Halloween Photoshop Tutorials You Should Try

by . October 19th, 2010

When Halloween approaches, most of us feel like creating horrific and terrifying designs to make the season even more spookier. We tend to look for ways to increase our sense of fright and to truly experience fear. Designing such artwork is easy if you have the acquired skills and tools to illustrate creepy designs.

Scary illustrations do not only mean creating monsters. It should look realistic. If truth be told, not all artists are able to portray and/or create scary and realistic images.

In this next post, a compilation of Halloween Photoshop Tutorials are showcased to help you in creating the perfect and scariest image possible. Take time to read through these and learn a trick or two on how to make your Halloween designs truly terrifying!

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Create a Fantasy Horror Scene in Photoshop

Halloween Photoshop Tutorials - Fantasy Horror Scene
Create a fantasy horror scene in Photoshop.

Mysterious Night

Halloween Photoshop Tutorials - Mysterious Night
In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a mysterious night.

Design a Poster for a Terrible Film

Halloween Photoshop Tutorials - Terrible Film Poster
This tutorial will let you design a poster for a thrilling film.

Grunge Manipulation in Photoshop Tutorial

Halloween Photoshop Tutorials - Grunge Manipulation
The tutorial teaches you how to make your own ‘grunge’ manipulation in Photoshop.

42 Freakish Zombie in 11 Steps

Halloween Photoshop Tutorials - Freakish Zombie
Learn how to construct a freakish zombie in just 11 steps.

Create a Quick Vampire Scene in Photoshop

Halloween Photoshop Tutorials - Vampire Scene
Construct a scary vampire environment with just this simple steps.

Monsterosity Makeover

Halloween Photoshop Tutorials - Monster Tutorials
You will be able to makeover a monster using this tutorial.

Dark Eye blend Modes and Gradients

Halloween Photoshop Tutorials - Dark Eye
Create a dark eye blend modes and gradients with this tutorial.

Skull Face

Halloween Photoshop Tutorials - Skull Face
You can create a lovely top-hatted woman and turn her into a grim reaper-esque figure in this tutorial.

Halloween Photo Effect the Evil Eye

Halloween Photoshop Tutorials - Evil Eye
In this tutorial you will be shown how to used the lens flare filter in Photoshop in creating sinister B-movie glowing eyes.


Halloween Photoshop Tutorials - Decay Tutorials
In this tutorial, you will learn the technique in creating an image of decaying.

Photoshop Tutorial Creating a Zombie

Halloween Photoshop Tutorials - Zombie Tutorials
In this CS2 tutorial, you will learn to make people’s face rot, expose their skull and turn them into zombie.


Halloween Photoshop Tutorials - Halloween Photoshp Tuts
Create a showthread in this tutorial.

Grunge Dark Art Tutorial

Halloween Photoshop Tutorials - Grunge Dark Art
You can create a grunge dark art in this Photoshop.

Vampirize Gwen Stefani

Halloween Photoshop Tutorials - Vampirize Gwen Stefani
In just a a few simple steps, you can create a perfect “vampire look’ of anyone’s picture using Adobe Photoshop.

Dark Art Tutorial

Halloween Photoshop Tutorials - Dark Art Tutorial
Learn how to create a dark tutorial.

Easy Zom Photoshop Tutorial

Halloween Photoshop Tutorials - Easyzom Photoshop
Some easy steps in creating a zombie will be shown in this Photoshop tutorial.

Design a HalloweenPumpkin Wallpaper in Photoshop

Halloween Photoshop Tutorials - Halloween Pumpkin
This tutorial, you will learn how to get this nice effect on any pumpkin picture, how to play with the colors, apply some layer blending modes to skip the extraction process, and more.

Create a Vintage Horror Movie Poster for Halloween

Halloween Photoshop Tutorials - Vintage Horror Poster
You can create a vintage horror movie poster for Halloween in this tutorial.

Dark Book Of Photoshop

Halloween Photoshop Tutorials - Dark Book
Create a dark book of photoshop with this tutorial.

Texturing Basics

Halloween Photoshop Tutorials - Texturing Basics
With the help of this tutorial you will be shown how to use textures to dramatically change the look of pictures in a few easy steps.

Good and Evil

Halloween Photoshop Tutorials - Good and Evil
This tutorial is a demonstration on how to make one side of the photo light and colorful while the other in contrast, will be dark, evil, and brooding.

Photoshop Burning Flesh Effect

Halloween Photoshop Tutorials - Burning Flesh Effect
Follow this step by step process in creating realistic burning effect on human skin.

Realistic Blood

Halloween Photoshop Tutorials - Realistic Blood
In this tutorial, you can create a sort of bloody mouth look with a dark and quite dynamic style of flow.

Carving a Virtual Jackolantern

Halloween Photoshop Tutorials - Jackolantern
Learn how to carve a virtual Jack O’ Lantern with this tutorial.

How to Create a Severed Arm in Photoshop

Halloween Photoshop Tutorials - Severed Arm
Severed arm with fleshy stumps and strings of sinew can be created with this tutorial.