Daily Design Inspiration Via DesignFlavr

by . May 2nd, 2008

CSS galleries are sprouting up all over the place, but not many websites cover the entire design spectrum like DesignFlavr Does. They showcase Flash Websites, CSS Websites, Illustrations, CG Art, Advertisements, Photo Manipulations and much more on a daily basis. The entire site is neatly organized by categories, tags and even by colors! You can also subscribe to their feed to get the latest inspiration in your rss reader.

I often do a lot of research before I start a design and I like to get my creative gears going by visiting design gallery websites. As designers its important to look at other designer’s work. You need to know whats out there, whats new, whats old and whats possible. Start making a habit of visiting design inspiration sites, museums, and shows and you will mature much quicker as a designer.



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