Finding your Better Half

by . February 20th, 2008

As a graphic designer I spend most of my time bettering my self at, well graphic design! The one thing I would love to get better at is coding websites, but I just don’t have the time right now, so I pay a professional to do my coding for me which saves me a lot of time and trouble. Speaking of which our new theme should be recoded very soon, just a few more days!

If coding is not your forte, I would highly recommend finding your better half. This means you should team up with a freelance coder or a company who specializes in web design so you can get clients sites up quickly! Teaming up with a company who codes can be a great way to expand your business if you have been doing nothing but graphic design.

Finding a freelance coder who is reliable, online often, affordable and professional is not an easy task. There are a lot of coders out their who can talk the talk, but can’t walk the walk as they say. This is why I usually prefer having a company code sites for me if I can’t find a freelancer. Reviewed

There are a bunch of different companies out there, but below is an example of a do it all company that can provide everything your client needs for their website including dreamweaver web templates.

Template Features

– Five Page Templates (Homepage and Five Internal Pages are Included)

– Affordable at Only $29

– Template Membership Package Giving Access to 1000’s of templates

– Great for Graphic and Web Designers

– Live Chat Support 24 Hours a day

Other Services Available

– Complete Customization of Templates Including Design Customization and Content Insertion

– Custom Web Design Services

– Adding Functionalities for E-Commerce Based Websites (Adding Forms, Adding Databases, Shopping Carts and more!)

– Web Hosting

You can find more info at Now go get your better half and start expanding your business!


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