10 Free Alternative Halloween Fonts That Are Way Better Than The Usual Dripping Typeface

by . October 30th, 2013

Is it blood? Goo? Or something nasty? But one thing is for sure it’s often used during this time of the year. This has lead us on a little quest to provide you guys some good alternative Halloween fonts.

Every Halloween it feels like there is a zombie outbreak for design since typefaces for Halloween themed posters, tickets and flyers in some way or another look as if they are infected with one particular looking typeface. Oozing it’s way around the season with blood or muck or garbage juice is the typical dripping typeface. We are not saying it’s bad or infuriatingly ugly like how Comic Sans affect designers, we are just saying that maybe it’s high time to pick something else for your horror themed designs.┬áIn this post we are going to take a look at some Halloween fonts that you can use as an alternative for that spooky poster that you are working on. After all, letters are the visualization of words and the readable and usable a typeface is the better. Since as designers communicating information to the target audience is one of our goals but sometimes that is sacrificed for the sake of applying a typeface that fits the theme. Which brings us to our little quest of alternative Halloween fonts. Now, enough chitchat and let’s get on with business here are some notable typefaces that you can actually use not just because they look perfect for this year’s event or for just the sake of listing them down.

Note: Click the image to get to the link in order to download the fonts.

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Most graphic design books and experts all say the same thing, knowing when to use a typeface and how to use it appropriately is important. Notable graphic designer Massimo Vignelli even mentioned that designers should only stick to at least a dozen typeface families since one typeface family is large enough to chose from. There you guys have it! What do you guys think? Share your thoughts at the comments down below!


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