How to Design a Simple Hang Tag for Your T-Shirt Brand

by . June 28th, 2012

Since we’re aiming to provide something useful to you guys every week, we’ve decided to give you another how-to tutorial. This time we’re going to guide you through how to create a hang tag. Because, graphic designers create anything under the sun, why not a T-Shirt brand, right?

Since this is just a simple project, we’ll only need two files — the logo of your brand and a hang tag template.

First Download Mr. Monster, our tuttie mascot:

[Download not found]

Then download this hang tag template:

[Download not found]

Open it on Photoshop and this is what you’ll see.

On the Layers panel, click “background” layer

Drag and drop the monster design (or instead of Mr. Monster here, you can use your own logo or design) on the white background.

Press CTRL+T and rotate the design slightly counter clockwise until you come up with this. If you’re using your own logo or design, it will depend on how you want it to look like.

Double click background layer and choose Color Overlay and color your background #e898c1 and hit ok.

Now, choose the Ellipse tool from the tool panel

and draw a circle just like this and color it #bf81b8 and youll come up with this:

Scatter the circles: hold alt then drag and drop the circle anywhere you want. Just repeat the process until you come up with a polka-dotted design just like this.

And that’s it!
You can modify the process that we made by adding other design elements. For example, if you want to include text on your hang tag’s design as part of your branding, you can simply insert the process in-between steps. Other modifications you can add to this tutorial is to change the shapes we’ve used, the overall color scheme of the design, and the shape of the hang tag prints. Once you’re done designing and are already planning to have your hang tags printed, we recommend UPrinting’s hang tag printing service.

For questions, suggestions and any reactions regarding this tutorial, just leave a comment below! Thanks!

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