A Nifty Flow Chart On Image Usage Rights

by . August 11th, 2014

Creative Commons? Commercial? How do Image Usage Rights even work? As constant creators and people who continuously work to churn out pixel-perfect image after image – it is important to know the rights behind each form of content that we publish. It is also quite important to respect the published works of other people. Every avenue that we display our work on has different attributions in its terms of service, and when you deal with visuals – it’s important that these terms aren’t foreign to you.

Curtis Newman of the blog – The Visual Communication Guy – has made a very easy-to-use flow chart to help you if you’re stuck!

He writes:

“The reality is, though, as long as you become familiar with four terms–copyright, fair use, creative commons, and public domain–you’ll have a pretty good idea of what you can and can’t do with images. If it’s all new to you, spend most of your time learning the fair use clauses. That’s where the ambiguity in copyright laws exists. As with most laws, the ambiguity is for our benefit, but it sure can make copyright laws fuzzy at times.

My rule above all else? Ask permission to use all images. If in doubt, don’t use the image!”



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