Infographic: Skeuomorphism in Web Design

by . March 22nd, 2013

Wow, wait. Don’t you know what skeuomorphism is? Don’t worry, we’ll explain. Basically, it’s a design method of imitating features of one object when designing another object. Talking about computer sphere – it’s when some elements of user interface look like familiar things from the real life. (For example, a web page looks like a book and sometimes you can even hear the sound of turning pages.)

Both Microsoft and Apple were trying skeuomorphic concept for their operation systems. The first company was more global in this case: in March 1995 Microsoft released the whole user interface based on the skeuomorphic concept, called Microsoft Bob. It presented a graphical copy of a room intended for interaction with users. Nevertheless, the project was a great failure of Microsoft. The moral of the story is we shouldn’t overdo.

Apple was more modest in their ambitions. And it improved their winning position: developers could concentrate on small elements and bring them to perfection. It’s an interesting fact that Steve Jobs valued skeuomorphism in Apple products so much that he controlled some projects by himself. And for a good reason: for example, classic calculator design served as a basis for Mac OS for 16 years.

If you want to get more detailed and more practical info about the subject, I would recommend you to check an interactive infographic about skeuomorphism that is now available at The infographic is designed in a vintage style: a wooden shelf background, VHS tapes, postal marks and other design elements will take you to the past. By the way, you’ll have to watch an old-fashioned CRT TV in order to know the top tips about skeuomorphism in web design. Just click on the icon that introduces the information you need and learn what skeuomorphism is, what its pros and cons are and so on. Additionally, you’ll find a lot of free skeuomorphic textures (wood textures, paper textures, leather textures, cork textures, etc) that you can use if you want to follow the skeuomorphic trend when designing web pages.

Please click on the screenshot below to see the interactive infographic in action.


Infographic: Skeuomorphism in Web Design


Below is a preview of the infographic:


Infographic: Skeuomorphism in Web Design

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