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by . October 17th, 2012

Whether we realize it or not, colors have an impact on our lives. As a rule we are intuitively looking for colors we need. When you wake up in the morning and feel really tired, you may not realize it but you’ll definitely put on clothes of warm and vivid colors like: orange, yellow or red. People with fine mental organization choose colors more accurately. Usually these are women; because men are more reserved with social limitations and often suppress their need to put on clothes of a desired color.

The colors are divided into basics: red, blue and green, and additional ones – yellow, orange and purple. In this blog post we are going to speak about the blue color. From a psychological point of view blue brings a sense of peace and infinity; thus, it helps people relax.


There are many shades of blue. The deeper, the darker blue becomes the more it calls for endless, wakes hunger for purity and super sensibility. Extremely dark blue gives an element of peace. Carried to the limits of black – finds overtone of sadness. Becoming, by contrast, lighter it becomes more distant and indifferent, as the blue sky. The lighter it’s, the more silent it becomes, until it comes to a complete silence becoming white.

These are the most essential psychological nuances of the color blue. Each UI designer needs to know these basics when creating websites since the more attractive web pages you build, the better user response will be. And even if many articles have already been written about the use of color and user interface design, there are still some interesting resources that are worth your attention.

While surfing around the web I came across one interesting interactive infographic dedicated to the use of Blue in web design. This Infographic will give you all necessary information about the color blue and everything that comes with it.

Now let’s speak about what’s inside: examples of websites that use blue as their “alpha color”, the power of blue color in branding, 55 shades of blue, popular mixes of blue with other colors, gender preferences and cultural meanings of blue – this knowledge will definitely help you make the right choice and build a stylish and attractive website. What you see on a screenshot is just a tip of the iceberg, please follow this link to get deeper into the essence of blue web design.


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