Infographic: The Tech-Savvy Artist

by . September 3rd, 2013

Aside from the creative skills, artists of this generation must be equipped with the right tools of the trade. The advancements in technology today plays an important part in shaping creative ideas and sending these ideas across various platforms.

Kingston Technology Company, Inc. one of the world’s leading manufacturers of memory modules and digital media products, released this infographic demonstrating the dramatic fusion of art and technology over time as a result of the increasingly useful, portable and cost-effective tech tools artists use to advance their crafts.

This  highlights several unique 21st century artistic achievements born of the marriage of art and technology, and also illustrates how products including 3D scanners, digital drawing tablets, e-readers and memory card readers are helping today’s artists stay inspired, creative and efficient. Scroll down below to see how technology has powered the artist of today.


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