Infographic: The Color Black

by . October 31st, 2012

“When I didn’t know what color to put down, I put down black.” Henri Matisse

Actually black is not a color, but an absence of color. A natural symbol of true purity, complete release of nothingness, and eternity, released from lights and colors and shades. So mystic and enigmatic, this non-color color has always flurried human minds with its supernatural charisma and has got a lot of meanings from different cultures and different ages. Meaning of the color black has changed through years.

The ancient Greeks supposed it to be the color of the underworld, in the Middle Ages people associated black with evil, magic, power and secrecy, but since the Age of Enlightenment the negative meaning of black was not that strong and black became the color of fashion, even nobility, and the color is still keeping that position.

Aesthetically black frames other colors and makes the whole color composition look elegant. Black & red, black & white, black & blue, black & violet are just a few of all popular combinations. The color black can be mixed with any color or shade. So it should come as no surprise that black is so popular with artists, web designers and fashion designers all over the world. Yes, modern people consider black to be stylish, elegant and sometimes mysterious, but there is an opinion that too much black brings depression.

Anyway, guys from Template Monster would deny such a stereotype with their new comic style infographic about the color black. And I like the way they do it: the infographic is cool and instructive. I love comics, and I do love black and I do not suppose it to be bad, depressive or gloomy.



If you want to get deeper into the color black, please go ahead and the check the infographic yourself. Finally, black is the color of Halloween which is so close from now!


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