Latest and Greatest Adobe Tutorials

by . April 9th, 2008

Below are the latest and greatest adobe tutorials hand picked from various tutorial websites that specialize in creating top notch Photoshop and Illustrators guides. Only the best tutorials make it in our round ups!


Create Rainbow Logos with Warped Grids

Discover how to create a a grid in Photoshop and modify it to create cool effects that can be used in logos and other designs.

View Tutorial at PSD Tuts

Four Ways to Convert to Grayscale

Learn 4 simple ways to convert to grayscale including, adjusting the color balance, desaturating and re-coloring the artwork.

View Tutorial at Vectips

Create a Vanity License Plate in Photoshop

Discover how to create an authentic looking vanity license plate. Customize it to say anything you want!

View Tutorial at PS Hero

Obama’s Background on Fireworks – Part 1

Learn how to create the background of Barack Obama’s website!

View Tutorial at Abduzeedo

Create a Wood Grain Pattern

Here is a nifty video from Layers Magazine that shows you how to create a wood grain pattern using the Gradient tool and the Warp command.

View Tutorial at Layers Magazine


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