Make Your Blog Look Better in 6 Simple Steps

by . January 12th, 2013

While on one hand we acknowledge that a blog is an important way to have a substantial web presence, on the other hand, we often tend to treat blogs in a step-brotherly manner. What we really do is we use the blog merely to update content regularly but often forget to give a second thought to the look of the blog. It is as equally important to have an attractive as it is to have regular updates.

 Here we mention six simple steps to get the perfect look for your blog.

 Install a Theme and Customize It


Whether you install a free theme or purchase a premium one, making the blog attractive should be one of the main considerations. Once you get the theme, you can always customize it. It is a misnomer that purchased themes cannot be tweaked. You can customize your themes according to your needs. Some suggestions are:

  1. Insert Text Effects: There are various kinds of text effects that you can include in your theme. You can insert text effects in the titles, navigation bars or in any other part. For applying the text effects, you will need to tweak the CSS files. While earlier it was difficult to work on CSS files, with CSS3 it has become extremely easy.
  2. Text Alignment: Normally texts will appear in the Arial font, 12 points for any template. But to make your blog look different you can change the font and the font size and also rework on the alignment. Instead of the boring left to right, justified text layout, have it in the center, or re-align it with images. This will break the monotony of the layout.


Reflect Your Personality in the Theme


It is essential that your personality or ideas are communicated by the theme itself. If you look like your competitor or the many other blogs already floating on the web, will you make users stay back on your blog?

Improve the Readability of the Posts


Many times, the fonts are too small or the contrast between the foreground and the background colors is too less making it difficult to read the posts. If you want your blog to look different you have to ensure that the contrast isn’t too stark or the fonts are not too small. Enlarge the headings substantially and have bold subheadings to catch the attention of the reader. Also keep the line spacing to a minimum of 1.5 to make the post look clutter-free. The last thing you need to remember to improve the readability of the post is to remove all distractions. By distractions we mean too many additional elements in the post such as unnecessary images and graphics.

Work on the Navigation

Breadcrumb navigation is one of the ways you can improve the navigation of the blog. Working on the sidebar is also essential for improving the navigation of the site. Though the sidebar is never the focal point of the blog, it is a great way to promote other posts in the blog. Categorize the different posts and show them in the sidebar.

Design An Attractive Logo

Many times we do not include a logo in our blogs but it is one of the gravest mistakes you can make. Logo adds to the branding factor of your blog and adds to its attractiveness. However, if you already have a logo, revisit the design and see if it is topical and suits the present day needs.  If you see that it doesn’t meet your requirements, rework on the design and add vibrancy to the logo.

Have Something New For The Readers


Whether it is video feed, an improved subscription feed or a re-designed footer make sure you have something new for your readers. Since blogs have become a part and parcel of everyday life, it is essential that you try out new tricks to make your blog look different. However be careful not to over-do any element. Strike the right balance between simplicity and usefulness.

 These tips will go a long way in making your blog attractive and establishing a connection with your followers.


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