Must-Learn Photo Manipulation Tutorials You’ll Enjoy Checking Out

by . July 17th, 2011

As requested, here are some of the best photo-manipulation tutorials online. These tutorials are great, not just because the final products are good, but because you can use one or more of the theories you’ll learn from them to create your very own masterpieces. It is not often that you can actually mix and match certain techniques on Photoshop, but we’re pretty sure you’ll find a few here that you can make use of any day.

So here they are, some of the most helpful photo-manipulation tutorials to aid you in learning Photoshop further. Enjoy trying them all out!


How to Create a Steampunk Style Illustration in Photoshop


Make an awesome steampunk photomanipulation in Photoshop. Tutorial by James Davies on PSD Tuts+.

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Money Style Illustration in Photoshop

Create money-styled illustrations out of your own photo. Check out how Fabio Sasso, Abduzeedo’s talented founder, created this illusion in 12 or 13 steps. (The 13th step is optional on your end.)
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Spirit Dove

Manipulate photos to create the illusion of a dove bursting out from a female’s body.
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Painting Liquid Figures

See how Jennifer Cirpici transformed a lady into water in 12 steps.
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Create an Intricate Mythological Statue


Learn how to turn simple photographs of a woman into a stoned angel. Tutorial by Joe Moore.

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Create a Surreal Photo Manipulation


Let your imagination flow. Literally. Learn how Loredana Papp created this illusion.

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The Dancer – Dynamic Liquid Splash Effect


You might have seen this before, but perhaps some of you are still wondering how to make splatters seamlessly connect to other images.

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Trap Your Friends in a Jar Using Photoshop


Trap people inside jars, if at least on a photo. Learn how Scott Pelham did it  in 10steps.

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Create a Burning Effect


Create an illusion of burning charcoal in few steps.

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The Fourth Kind


Make a surrealistic  scene of men being abducted by UFO’s.

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Photo Manipulate a Falling Angel


Edit stock photos to create a falling angel  photo manipulation.

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Create a Divine Angel Montage in Photoshop


Learn how to manipulate stock photos to create an angel.

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Making of a Sexy Humanoid


Learn the basic steps in transforming an ordinary picture of a woman (or a man, if you so prefer) into that of a humanoid.

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Water Effect Photo Montage


Learn another technique in turning man into liquid on Photoshop.

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See how Eric Vasquez created this stylish photo manipulation on Photoshop.

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Create a Cosmic Love Goddess With Photoshop CS5


Find out how to turn raw images into an awesome, surrealistic artwork.

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Create an Incredible Fantasy Photo Manipulation


One of our faves. Learn how this fantasy scene has been created from raw images into such a wonderful piece.

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Design a Spectral Photo Manipulation


Create how to create a seemingly scary but touching scene using Photoshop.

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Creating a Smoke Fading Effect


Create the illusion of images fading into smoke with this easy to follow tutorial.

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Create a Funky Perspective of a Model Riding Digital Volume


Learn how to create the above shown image on Photoshop.

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Grunge Stone Woman Photo Manipulation in Photoshop


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Transforming the Image of a Girl into a Milk Figure


Learn the basic steps of turning any man or woman into a body of milk on Photoshop.

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Creating a Sexy Mechanical Pin-Up Girl


Another beautiful pin-up girl…with a twist. Learn the technique on how to turn anyone into a mechanical figure.

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Create a Face Paint Dripping Effect


Somewhat basic but definitely useful for many design concepts.

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Another surrealistic piece. Learn how to create this effect on Photoshop.

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Create a Nebula Cosmolady in Photoshop


Create a wonderful photo montage of a cosmic lady using several stock images in several, fun steps.

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