Photoshop CS3 Tutorials Roundup

by . February 4th, 2008

Photoshop CS3 tutorials are a great way to push your technical skills to the next level by learning how to create awesome effects within the program to use in your own designs. We have rounded up some of the hottest new Photoshop CS3 tutorials for your viewing pleasure:


Creating a Rocking Silhouette in Photoshop

This Photoshop CS3 tutorial from teaches you how to take a burning vector silhouette commonly available for download on sites like and turn it into the central part of an awesome poster design with great lighting effects.

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Chroma Wallpapers Tutorial

This tutorial by the folks over at Web Designer Wall shows you how you can create a wallpaper design similar to the ones seen at Color Charge. These types of flowing lines with vibrant colors and mixed in shapes are very popular right now and all kinds of variations can be downloaded on stock illustration sites, but why not learn how to create your own!

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Photoshop Vintage Effect Tutorial

Veerle’s Blog has created another tutorial and this time you learn how to take a photo and give it a vintage look. This is mainly done by carefully choosing an appropriate image and then adding adjustment layers with different settings.

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Enjoy these Photoshop CS3 tutorials and if you can create great tutorials like these please let us know!


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