Preparing for Earth Hour: Vectors, Icons, Stock Photos, and Inspiration

by . March 27th, 2012

This 2012, Earth Hour is happening on Saturday, March 31st from 8:30 to 9:30 PM. Aside from the tools and downloads available on the official website, we thought we’d give you more comprehensive resources if you’d like to contribute with a more design-savvy flair!

For those of you who need some reminding, here’s what Earth Hour is all about from the official website:

“In 2008, the plan was to take Earth Hour to the rest of Australia. But then the City of Toronto, Canada, signed up and it wasn’t long before 35 countries and almost 400 cities and towns were part of the event. It said something compelling to the world: that the climate challenges facing our planet are so significant that change needs to be global.

With the invitation to ‘switch off’ extended to everyone, Earth Hour quickly became an annual global event. It’s scheduled on the last Saturday of every March – closely coinciding with the equinox to ensure most cities are in darkness as it rolled out around the Earth.

In 2011, Earth Hour saw hundreds of millions of people across 135 countries switch off for an hour. But it also marked the start of something new – going Beyond the Hour to commit to lasting action on climate change. And with the power of social networks behind the Earth Hour message, we hope to attract even more participation so we can build a truly global community committed to creating a more sustainable planet.”

Vectors and Icons:

Available in a variety of file types, these are some icons and vectors that we thought were most likely to be helpful for Earth Hour-related designs.

Free Set of Vector Globes

Tim’s Freebie Global Warming

Space Vector

Vector Globe

Eco Light Bulb

Free Ecology Vector Icons

Ecology Icons

Ecology Vectors

Vector Switch

Stock Photos:

Going for more realism? Here are some free choice pickings from stock.xchng. Please click through each image to see possible restrictions to each image’s terms of use.

Old Light Switches


World Lamp

World Button


Light Bulb


Here are examples of Earth Hour related posters, for this year as well as the years past.


Earvin Michael

Isabel Roxas

Francois Hoang

Korey Sahan

Hunor Henter

Linh Chi

Catalina Georgescu

Turn the light off! And, for one hour, you can be whoever you want to be.



Creative Projects:

Aside from posters, here are other printed mediums through which people spread awareness about Earth Hour in years past.

Glow in the Dark Stickers by Panadol

T-shirt Concept

Infographic Tees



Video campaigns for Earth Hour, from 2012 below! My favorite is the first one – you get to see Darth Vader’s softer side.
(If you’re reading this post from our RSS feed, please click through to the post page to play the videos)

For once, the Dark Side saves the planet

CHACON wireless interruptors

The Great Switch Off

Vote Earth

Moths / Don’t Be the Only One

Hoped you liked this collection! If you think there are other Earth Hour related resources we’ve missed, feel free to share their links in the comments. If you like this post but aren’t following us regularly yet, subscribe to our feed or follow us on Twitter (@youthedesigner)!

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