Resource Spotlight – Flashloaded

by . October 26th, 2007

So I was checking out the website which is a website that offers a bunch of different flash related products such as flash components, flash website templates, flash movies, video loops and more and I came across a specific flash component that really caught my eye.

The flash component is called 3DEnvironment and it lets you build really great and interactive flash interfaces and environments that your users will really enjoy. You can customize the environment in many ways and set up keyboard controls for your viewers that will enable them to interact and move through the environment seamlessly. The possibilities are really endless with this and I look forward to playing around with it myself.

I think this is still an untapped market and there is a lot of room for some really great interactive 3d websites to be made and this flash component will help you execute some really great creative ideas easily.

For more information check out the 3dEnvironment Flash Component page at Flashloaded.


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