Tutorial Tuesday – 10 Illustrator Tutorials For Beginners

by . June 3rd, 2014

This week in Tutorial Tuesday – we feature 10 easy Illustrator Tutorials for Beginners. When you’re trained in Photoshop and just getting started in Illustrator it’s quite easy to get lost in the fray of things. YouTheDesigner has curated a list of 10 tutorials for beginners to really get started with the program and to help brush up on their Illustrator game.

01. The Very Basics of How to Use Illustrator by Adobe TV


Coming from the source of the programme itself, Adobe gives out clever – easily paced walkthroughs of how to make heads or tails of the program.

02. A Comprehensive Guide to The Pathfinder Panel by Tuts+ 



For anyone creating a logo or even doing more complex artworks, it’s sort of imperative that you learn the ins and outs of the Pathfinder Tool. It will be your best friend.

03.  Build Awesome Color Palettes Effortlessly in Illustrator by DesignShack


Color makes or breaks a piece and if you can master the art of color palettes, you can go further as a designer. This tutorial shows you how to effortless set up your palettes.

04. Blend Tool Tips for Beginners from CreativeBloq


The blend tool is another really big asset to any designers tool kit and it helps immensely with everything from shapes to colors.

05. Fundamentals of Shape Design from Vectips


The first piece of design advice I wish I had gotten when I was learning Illustrator was that – everything is composed of shapes. This explores some really easy and convenient tips about constructing forms with shapes.

06. Comprehensive Pen Tool Guide by Tuts+


Our friends over at the Tuts+ Network are generally really great about Tutorials. When I first started with Illustrator, I did the little exercise with the word ‘Vector’ to teach me about how to handle Bezier Curves. This is also a great  read for advanced Pen Tooling.

07. 10 Amazing Tips and Tricks from Spoon Graphics


When you’re coming from Photoshop – there are moments of genuine frustration where you stare at the screen and go ‘this is so much easier in Photoshop’. This collection of tips solves half the headscratchers that might be plaguing you.

08. How To Quickly Adjust Colors in Your Gradients by Bittbox


The Illustrator Gradient Panel can be very difficult to wrangle.  This is a quick guide to managing your gradients.

09.  7 Exceptionally Useful Shortcuts for Handling Type by VectorDiary


I can wax poetic for hours about the importance of readable and gorgeous type. Handling text can be tricky, but this quick list of short cuts should help you improve your workflow.

10.  Add Depth and Texture in Illustrator by CreativeBloq


This covers how to add grain, patterns and textures to your illustrations your pieces.

If you want more tutorials – you can also check out our last tutorial where we taught you how to create this awesome Bob Dylan Poster. Please feel free to show us your work! Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.You can also hit us up on our FacebookTwitter and Google+ profiles. Lastly, our RSS Feeds is open for subscription so that you can stay creative!