Infographic: Why Showcase Your Work On Online Portfolio Sites

by . March 31st, 2013

The internet’s growing fast and a lot of people – entrepreneurs and small business owners – look at it as the best place to do business. But businessmen and entrepreneurs are not the only ones who are looking at the internet as a viable place for business – writers, consultants, programmers, and graphic designers are now going through a great exodus to the internet.

Although there are a number of professionals moving their businesses online, we still think that the internet was built for graphic designers to dominate. If you’re a graphic designer and you haven’t had your personal website and portfolio up yet online, we’re urging you to do it now!

Here’s an infograph telling you why you should take your portfolio online!

Just click the image for a better view.


There you have it. Start checking out the online portfolio sites today and put your portfolio online for everyone to see!