Silly Sundays – Your Clients as Game Of Thrones Houses

by . June 15th, 2014

This infographic reimagines your clients and the roles they would play if we were all suddenly in the world of Game of Thrones. At least once through your career, you’ll want a client that will make you want to slam your head against the wall. It is known. There’s a reason why Clients From Hell exists. Here’s a hilarious infographic about the kinds of clients we’re all eerily used too! Think twice before you pull a Red Wedding on your next client!




You can check out the original infographic and more at the Infographic World website!  


We here at YouTheDesigner are crazy into Game of Thrones. We’ve covered these super cool Game of Thrones Identity DesignsGame of Thrones Fan Art Show Case, Game of Thrones Playing Cards and the Game of Brands. If you like Game of Thrones as much as George R. R. Martin likes killing his characters, please share this article! You can also share your client horror stories in the comments below. 

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Sansa Stark for the Iron Throne.