5 Automatic Email Reports to Help You Understand Your Site

by . April 14th, 2024

The Elements

Knowledge is power.

Today, tons of information flows around the air; you can almost taste it. As each day passes, so do millions of emails, Google searches, and phone calls. As this information passes, you must catch up to maximize your potential.

Listed here are five automatic email reports noted by Redditor SaltwaterShane that let you know about things you care about right away, giving you a step up in life.


This cool app tells you when your site is down via email, SMS, Twitter, or the Pingdom app. Pingdom becomes your eyes when you’re not on the site by checking it every minute to see if it’s up. It boasts great names in its clientele, including Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google, and claims to send 3 downtime alerts per second to its 400,000 customers. It also sends detailed reports so you know how well your customers are experiencing your website. Best of all, It’s got a free package for one site.

However, some people report accuracy problems with Pingdom, while others don’t feel it at all. An alternative that Pingdom migrants trust is NodePing, which starts at $10/month.

Google Alerts


Tying up to their most popular search engine, Google Alerts emails you search results based on topics you want to track down. This means that it works not only for people searching for your site but also for competitors, related products and services, or that next big scoop you’ve been stalking. Like a lot of Google services, this one is completely free.

Google Analytics Alerts

GAA gets somewhat related results to Pingdom, but instead of notifying you of downtime, Google Analytics tracks specific traffic changes, such as if your traffic from Peru spikes over 1,000 views per day, and notifies you about it. Knowing whether you have a massive increase or decrease in traffic lets you know whether your site is working to its fullest. You could also find the sources of these changes, allowing you to address multiple possible events immediately. Alerts come in regular, automatic, and custom ones that tell you if your site has broken through a specified threshold.


IFTTT stands for “If This Then That,” and that’s precisely what it does. This handy automator lets you use websites to trigger tasks. For example, if you get tagged in a Photo on Facebook, or get hashtagged on Twitter, you could automate that so it sends you a message or makes a particular post on Facebook. The reason it’s on this list is because it can send you an email whenever someone does something of interest on multiple online social platforms. It’s like Analytics Alerts but with less-detailed data, but a lot more functionality.



Checking your stats daily can be a significant pain when things start rolling in. But it HAS to be done. You need to know what’s happening, when it’s happening, and why. Unexpected things happen constantly, such as an old post getting a spike or an SEO penalty flying in from the window. Whatever happens, you really need to know. Briefmetrics sends you summarized weekly reports from your Google Analytics. If you still don’t know your stats with this baby up, nature will help you.

And that’s it. Five email reports that help you get your head in the game. Do you trust an email report service that isn’t on this list? Did you replace one of the ones mentioned with something else? Tell us in the comments below.