How Instagram Started — Founder Kevin Systrom Explains [INFOGRAPHIC]

by . July 1st, 2015

This infographic explains how two guys launched the decade’s killer app in two weeks.

In a recent Quora post, Instagram’s Kevin Systrom explained just how IG got off the ground in two weeks. Funders and Founder’s Anna Vital breaks it all down in this thought-provoking infographic.

How Instagram Started

Check out Kevin‘s full post here.

Things you should know:

  • You will never duplicate IG’s success. NEVER.
  • You can’t always copy other people’s success, but you can learn from them.
  • You HAVE to know your niche. It’s all about the niche.
  • Delivering the best user experience is winning most of the battle.
  • Momentum is a precious resource. It’s almost always best to get off the ground first, then fix things later.
  • This has almost become the expected business model in tech — which is why post-2000’s we’ve downloaded patch after patch after patch…
  • Is that an opportunity? Up to you to find out.
  • Anna Vital is a total boss at these infographics.
  • Play a few games of  Dungeons and Dragons for a fun way to find out about teamwork.


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