7 Simple Things to Do to be Inspired

by . September 11th, 2012

One of the biggest problems that most creative people face when it comes to their line of work is finding the inspiration to help fuel your mind in creating those wonderful works of art. But let’s face it, those inspirational pieces aren’t really that easy to find, right?

But what if we tell you that there are things (simple things) that you can do to get that creative kick start? We’ve listed seven things you can do to smash that wall that’s blocking your way to creative enlightenment.

Pay your local mall or store a visit.

The local shopping center near you might not spell inspiration up front but malls can be a gold mine for inspiration. The many people who visit malls for relaxation and shopping are bombarded by ads and announcements that were created by various designers and artists. Use this to your advantage and observe the different signs, posters and flyers scattered all around the store. You can also check out the different packaging styles and materials used in the merchandise. They might contain the design element that would be the inspiration of your project.


And while you’re at it, you might want to pick up some supplies before you go home.


Enjoy your commute.

The next time you ride a bus or a train, try to be observant with your surroundings. Rather than minding your own business and being indifferent, try to observe your surroundings. Just like in malls, there are a lot of signs and posters in buses and trains so don’t forget to keep an eye for them.


You can also observe the people around you as well as the scenery. There are a thousand possible things that can happen when you’re travelling so maximize your time when commuting by just being observant. And hopefully, you’ll get that big idea before you reach your destination.


Go to a concert.

Concerts have several important elements that when combined can bring forth a pleasurable sensory experience. For starters, concerts always feature music to soothe our sense of hearing. They also feed us with a rich visual experience through the various pyrotechnics, light show and special effects.


So whenever you go to a concert, don’t just sing along and sway. Take note of what is happening around you. Check out flyers and posters, observe what people around you are wearing and doing. Always remember that art is lurking around even amongst the seemingly chaotic and unorganized nature of concerts.


Drop by a bookstore.

Bookstores maybe the sanctuary of nerds but books often feature creative illustrations and artworks. Even if you’re not buying a book to read, you might want to check out the hundreds, even thousands of books in your local bookstore to check out their covers and illustrations.


But since you’re already inside the bookstore, you might also want to try reading some books. There are times that the juicy stuff are not found in illustrations but rather in the details written in text.


Look at things from a different perspective.

This tip is particularly useful for photographers. People usually interpret the things around them based on how they see it, so just viewing things on a different angle can sometimes dramatically change a person’s interpretation and disposition on something.


Try to explore different point of views and who knows, maybe the inspiration you’re looking for is just in front of you, and you just haven’t realized it because you’re looking at it in the wrong way.


Do something extreme or spontaneous.

They say that the enemy of creativity is monotony. Whenever people get too comfortable with what they’re doing, they usually tend to stop pushing themselves to improve. They get too complacent and they stop innovating. We’re not saying that you should do bungee jumping, or sky diving or some extreme sport. Instead, we’re suggesting you try something new. It could be a new sport, trying out a new style of shirt or dress or anything you’ve never done before.


Learning to step out of the box and beyond your comfort zone can sometimes give you that adrenaline rush and clear your head out. It can also help you find new things which in turn can be a source of inspiration.


Talk to Kids.

Do you remember that Bill Cosby show about kids saying the darnest things? Well that show was a hit, and it was a hit for a reason. Unlike adults, children are pure and are not complicated. They also have a very wild imagination that’s not bound by any laws or convention that we adults restrict ourselves with.


Try to talk spontaneously with children and who knows what great idea they might suggest to you. And if you’re a parent, you can even spend quality time with your kids and be inspired at the same time.

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