Tin Boxes for a Cause

by . November 19th, 2012

Tin boxes are metallic containers with a re-closeable lid. It is commonly used to store different products from breath mints, throat lozenges, instant coffee and sweet treats like candies, cookies, chocolates or cakes. Their widespread use especially in the food industry is due to their durability and their sanitary properties.



But what if there’s a type of tin box that not only stores your stuff and your valuables but also helps children in need in different parts of the world? Well, believe it or not, this kind of tin box exists. The project is called outbox and originated in Tel Aviv in Israel. The project started some four years ago when 12 young designers in Tel Aviv held a tin box design competition for a charitable cause.

The design competition received a significant response from the public as well as from the design community, but rather than profiting from the contest, the founders of the organization decided to donate all the revenues to altruistic causes, setting the tone of the socially conscious culture at Outbox. Through this valiant gesture, the non-profit organization has managed to forge partnerships with leaders of various fields, engagement of hundreds of artists and provide significant contributions to social causes from its revenues.

Each year, the Outbox team holds a design competition featuring ten designs from ten young prominent Israeli designers. The 10 winning designs are chosen by a panel of judges comprised of local artists, designers and professionals. This year, the theme of the competition was “home” and the 10 designs have already been chosen.

Every box is part of a limited edition collection and is sold at a retail price of US$8.00 per piece. All proceeds from the sale of these tin boxes are donated to the “Designing The Future” program which supports youth at risk and encourages community involvement within the design industry in Israel.




A Place for Memories via You The Designer
Title: A Place for Memories


Home via You The Designer
Title: Home


Sailing the Sky via You The Designer
Title: Sailing the Sky


There is No Place Like Home via You The Designer
Title: There is No Place Like Home



My House via You The Designer
Title: My House


Home is Where the Cat is via You The Designer
Title: Home is Where the Cat is


17-20 via You The Designer
Title: 17-20


Ready for Shabat via You The Designer
Title: Ready for Shabat


Old Home via You The Designer
Title: Old Home


Home is Where the Heart is via You The Designer
Title: Home is Where the Heart is


If you have any questions about the boxes or the project, you can visit their website, contact them via email, or visit their etsy shop for more information

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