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Can You Achieve More By Doing Less? [INFOGRAPHIC]

by . September 16th, 2015

Multitasking might be the least productive thing you believe in.



Christine Carter, creator of this infographic, sociologist and author of The Sweet Spot: How to Find Your Groove at Home and at Work, says this about busyness:

“When we are busy, it’s what researchers call cognitive overload. Cognitive overload is one of those things that hinders our productivity and hinders the power of our mind. It makes it more difficult for us to think clearly and to plan and to control our emotions,”

Carter herself proposes single-tasking as a way to avoid the cognitive

A possible solution? Single-tasking, something Carter finds much easier said than done, even for herself. But the payoffs seem to be worth it. She says,

“I have to basically chain myself to my computer, work at a computer that doesn’t have email access, put my phone in a completely different room, turn all the alerts off… I’ve cued to my brain that I’m just going to allow myself to focus. And that allows me to do my highest quality work with greatest ease, and more than that, time seems to slip away. We lose our sense of time, and that feeling is the very opposite of feeling busy.”

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