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Taboo Trades: Tobacco for a Younger Generation [Infographic]

by . August 18th, 2014

Hi everyone. Here’s another instalment of Taboo Trades after what? 3 weeks? I’m probably going to lay off this series for a while because even though they do make nice PSAs, I don’t think YTE is the right platform for them. Like if you wanted to know about rhinos, you’d probably look at animal welfare blogs.

I will however still be making infographics from time to time. Just ones with richer content that you’ll care more about. I’m making one on time management right now.

Anyways, this taboo trade is about the marketing and manufacturing of cigarettes and how it is made and advertised to sell to a newer, younger audience. From hip and sleek new flavours, to that fancy commercial with the red Ferrari with a matching damsel in distress, it is impossible to ignore what is going on. We just don’t pay much attention to it, because the tobacco industry has been like that for quite some time.


Tobacco and Kids small
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photo: finnsnaps

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